There’s a Newton in each one of us. Why India’s official entry to the Oscars “Newton” strikes our conscience.

“Newton” is a Bollywood movie in the most unlikely Bollywood terms. It portrays an India that urbane Indians have never seen. It questions the meaninglessness of democracy and then answers the quest for meaningful democracy through a single honest electorate officer who is fighting against a world that doesn’t see the point of selfless honesty.... Continue Reading →

Why I cut my hair myself, WITH MY OWN HANDS.

 Before the haircut After the haircut. HAPPY BOTH WAYS. I walked out the door, reached my room and did the weirdest thing I have done this year. I reached for my scissors and a comb, went to the bathroom sink, wet my hair sufficiently and cut my hair. It was not a crazy process like they would... Continue Reading →

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