About Me

I am a marketing professional stuck between my lust for reading and traveling.

Things you might be curious about:

  1. My Website and online persona Beedi Queen was born as a quirky name that a friend had used for me when I told him a story about an 110-year-old grandmother in our village whom I always obliged with a packet of Beedi, which was the only thing she ever asked of me. Beedi is a rural substitute for a cigarette, made of tendu leaves and tobacco. My brand name BEEDI QUEEN does not mean that I consume, or endorse smoking Beedis.
  2. I hail from Assam. My parents were born in a sleepy village called Hailakandi near the border of Bangladesh. My native language is Sylheti. I am sure you never heard that language. It is a raw, coarser dialect of Bengali.
  3. I work full-time as a Product Marketer in Chennai. I manage to travel by clubbing together leaves and holidays. I do not take any unnecessary leaves at work except for the sole purpose of travel. I manage this blog during the weekends that I do not travel, or at late nights after work.
  4. I am a writer and I am working on my first novel.
  5. I have a dream to travel to all the countries in the world.
  6. I have a goal to inspire you, my reader to travel more, read more and live more.

To travel with me virtually and to get reading recommendations, follow me on Instagram.

My upcoming travel plans for 2017:

  1. Trip back home in North-East in June end during Eid. I would be traveling to Hailakandi via Meghalaya, and hope to do cross-country crossing into Bangladesh.   July update: I could not cross over to Bangladesh due to some last minute hassle in the visa procedure. You can submit the docs only in Delhi, Calcutta or Agartala embassies. With no online visa process available, it is a cumbersome thing for Indians.
  2. Travel to Indonesia in October.
  3. Travel to Sri Lanka in December holidays.

Apart from these major ones, many weekend trips which are as yet unplanned, within India.

My Reading goals for 2017:

52 books in 2017, I already completed 32 books  and 7 short stories as on June end.

7 thoughts on “About Me

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  1. Nice blog you got here… Loved the about me. I am also same, clubbing leaves to travel and writing as and when I can. Keep traveling and sharing. Have lots of fun, Wish you all the best for the coming days. 🙂


  2. Your Instagram handle in about me might be broken, it leads back to your about me page of blog. You can delete this comment that’s why I am writing this in a separate one.


  3. Your intro in CBC got me interested in your blog. So I headed straight to your About me section to find you even more interesting. Looks like you have a lot of clarity and a great planner. Nice meeting you here. I hope to read more of your posts in the coming days. Cheers.


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