The power of content- It can get you married!

I find my professional skills often spill into my personal life, which I spin into analogies in the midnight thinking hour.

I met my husband based on the sheer power of content(marketing?) and an online database. Any disillusionment I ever had with my job, was quelled by this logic. I was working as a marketer for Zoho Creator, an online database app creator. My inner voice- “How can you hate your job when you were married through a database?” Or, “How can you hate content marketing when you were married because of the content you wrote.”

You see, I had put up my profile on a matrimony database site, called Jeevansathi. And the first thing my would-be husband texted me(through his paid plan) was, “I liked the content in your profile. You watch Black Mirror, that’s my favorite show! Your favorite book is Sapiens, I dig that! You are into traveling, I love that. You are religiously liberal, wow” and blah, blah.

  1. Content marketing has to be honest to connect you to the right customer.

You are not targeting your marketing campaigns well, if you try to be everything for everyone. Know who you want your customer to be. For that, be honest about who you are.

In my profile, I had clearly mentioned that “I am not the perfect blend of traditional and modern values that you might be looking for. And I don’t want to invest in a costly wedding.”

I was looking for a liberal person with a lifestyle preference similar to mine.

Thanks to my content, I am eating idli during the Ramadan time, while a false content marketing could have landed me in an eternal struggle between religious preferences.

Also, I had a super low-key wedding, much to the discontent of the board members.

2. Content has to be multi-format, and relevant.

My profile was substantiated by several pictures of me doing all the things I love. A picture reading a book by the candlelight, one carrying a laptop with the iconic Zoho bucket office in the background, another drinking a glass of wine, wearing shorts on a Thailand beach.

Just a cursory glance through my pictures, would have given a prospective groom a feel of my personality. I even mentioned that I am writing my own novel, and blog at

My husband says he had decided when he read my blog name.

3. Content can only take you so far, your product is the real deal.

My content led me to about 101 leads, with whom I had mutual demos in multiple locations. These demos spanned mediums like phone and video calls, and even personal presentations.

But since this was about finding the customer with the largest CARR and CLTV, not all demos lead to an RFP.

My final sales cycle was about 3 months, in which the first month the customer prospected over calls, finally leading to an in-person touchpoint. That converted real quick!

4. Customer retention

Content can only take you so far. It doesn’t help much once a customer has converted. Your product needs to perform as promised, and evolve with customer needs over time.

Which reminds me I have to do the dishes or the NPS score tomorrow morning will be low!

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