The Ministry of Utmost Happiness – Book review of the second novel by Arundhati Roy in 20 years.

The Ministry of Utmost Happiness, Or The Dungeon of Utmost Unhappiness? This heavy tome of a book ain’t gonna make you happy. But does that mean you should not read it? No, that means you should jump headlong into it. Get sucked by this dementor of a novel, And arise with a mind that knows... Continue Reading →

The Art of the Phallus in PhraNang Beach

Stumbling on a strange 'Phallus Shrine' at the Phranang Beach in Thailand.   Did I tell you about the time I walked on to a beach in Thailand and discovered a shrine full of phalluses? Not one, but two shrines! Thailand never stops titillating your senses. Being from India, I did not find the shrine... Continue Reading →

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