All we are COVFEFE stares back at what we are.

Poem coincides with the COVFEFE of life.

I found this line

“All we are not stares back at what we are” – W.H Auden

in a book I was reading last night, Janice Pariat’s “Seahorse” and it kept me awake all night.
Today morning I woke up to a new word coined by a new President Trump on the other end of the world, COVFEFE(Find out the meaning only at the end of the post.)
The deep introspection of Auden at night and the amusement of Trump in the morning. They merged, like in a haze of dope. It became clear that I was suffering from a covfefe. Because all that I am not stares back at me all the time, just as Auden predicted. And like Trump, I always fall flat.
I have found that lists are very helpful when it comes to your inner covfefe. Let’s try making a list of the things we are not that keep staring at us.

1. We never made a viral video
Some random girl is getting famous making YouTube videos of her Indian ethnicity. Some girl is singing horribly about her taking a selfie, and becoming a celebrity overnight. Someone always has some way of making videos that go viral, and you think, “I could have done that too, I missed that boat.” What you could have easily recorded playing back at you.

2. We never made a viral tweet
Someone commits a typo and coins a new word. All the tweets you never tweeted tweeting back at you.

3. We never became an Instagram sensation
Someone’s ootd(outfit of the day, in Instagram speak) or ass is photographed perfectly and they are even earning money as influencers. All the photos you never stared in staring back at you.

4. We never wrote a book
Everyone writes a book these days. You buy it, open it and you know you could have done better too. All the books you never wrote staring back at you.

5. The list is endless and my thoughts are listless
Photography, writing, cooking, design, anything- you name it, and you feel you could have done it. And yet you are stuck at a desk with no glamorous following.

It may be different for you, what stares back at you. Your friend’s car, his kids, her wedding party, her husband, his wife, their trips, but I would like to think these things make us jealous but don’t stare back at us.
What stares back at us are our own passions made manifest by someone else, while we thought our passion was only a hobby that we loved to indulge in spare time.

Covfefe apart, should I make a list of how you should stare back at what you are not?

1. Do a thorough analysis of what you love and want to become.
If you analyze your famous YouTubers, bloggers, or writers you will find they all have an identity, a niche that they found based on what pulled them. I’m a traveler that wants to stare back at the successful travelers in the world. I’m also a writer that loves books. I was confused, so I merged them both and started travel writing. All my years of traveling that I did not document are staring back at me. All the words I never wrote are staring back at me.

2. Stare until you become what you stare at.
Persistence. No one became great by doing 10 different things daily. All the people who make money around you started just as you are. No clue. Only brimming with ideas. They just kept sucking at the same Idea until they became an influencer for other suckers. You only have to become as good as others are yet not.

3. Stare until you get blind but, only at one reflection.
Sometimes we feel we need to keep an eye on all the boats lest we miss them. While we are keeping an eye on all the boats, someone has already boarded all the boats and are nearing their destination. This is the analogy of modern human on social media, wasting time on finding the next best opportunity. Get on the first boat you want and keep rowing. Even the better boats will trail behind you because the experience of the time you have been at your passion often makes you big. Check any of the people you aspire to be on the internet. They would all have boarded the boat at least 5 years ago. The newer sensations are a fad and won’t last if they don’t row persistently.

I must stop here, What I’m not is staring too hard at me now, and calling me back to my desk where I love my work.

The promised word:
“Covfefe” means when you want to type something, but due to lack of diligence type something else.
Example- Donald Trump wanted to type “coverage” in his famous tweet “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.” He ended up committing a covfefe.

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