10 crore ways eBay wants you to forget humans.

For everyone who is going gaga over the new eBay advertisement – Things don’t judge.

The message might be brilliant and seem like the most resonating ad of our times. eBay is harnessing the widespread revolution for change in the human society, albeit for their own selfish reasons. The advertisement not only seems pseudo-freethinking, but it uses the sentiments of people who are wronged or feel wronged at their choices of living to further the consumerist attitude that the world as a whole is leaning to.

At first glance, I was awed by the ad to tell the truth. It reminded me of the very beautiful ad that Anouk had launched sometime back, portraying two female leads in love.

This ad was hard hitting, and drove home the point that human beings are free to make their own choices- be it the LGBT community, or any individual who feels ostracised by society in general. The girls who took their own decisions made you root for them and yearn for more such realistic ads.

But eBay asks you to hate humans and opt for objects instead, and they have 10 crore products for you to choose from! Seems enticing right? This very leaning to materialistic possessions for emotional needs, rather than doing the hard work on building real relationships with human beings, is what has been the fallout of our dystopian society.

What eBay tells you is fuck the society, depend on your things for happiness and fulfilment. Because human beings are just not worth the effort or time.

Maybe your skipping rope doesn’t ask you your age. But only friends will keep you company in the lone times of your life. Your anklets only want you to dance in them, but you need the guts to come out in the open and enthral an audience. You can’t let that ring on your partner’s finger do the talking for you. You have to make people feel it’s ok to be you and accept you. Opening up to people about who you are makes you seem more human to them. The answer to a happier life doesn’t lie in clinging to 10 crore new options.

This reminds me of a brilliant ad by Vitsoe, which talks about consumerism. How companies trigger us to buy,use and throw,only to buy more for them. Exactly what companies that ask you to be dependent on material gratifications are seeking.

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